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Postdoctoral Faculty

Flavien Falantin

Postdoctoral Teaching Associate in French
602 McClung Tower


Major Field 

  • Late 19th, 20th and 21st century French and Francophone Literature and Culture
  • Literatures and alienation – Quixotism and Bovarysm
  • History and theory of the novel
  • Reader-response criticism
  • Globalization and Sociology
  • Françoise Sagan and post-World War II culture in France 

Research Interests 
My research examines readerly contamination in a work of scholars ranging from Plato to Foucault who concluded that novels were a primary source of alienation leading them to create concepts such as Quixotism, Bovarysm and mimetic desire. To this end I explore the evolving representation of fictional readers in an exemplary body of texts, particularly from the late 19th through the 21st-century, while drawing on secondary sources from reader-response criticism, intertextual and intermedial studies, as well as affect and storytelling theory. My own analysis engages with the tradition of French & Francophone and more generally European writing, in order to demonstrate that readerly contaminationis the cornerstone of literary modernity. This concept allows me to shed a new light on the ways in which novelistic writing negotiates its meaning and social function in an active dialogue with philosophy, psychology and medical studies, as well as sexuality and globalization. 

  • Ph.D., Indiana University-Bloomington (2017)

In progress books 

  • Falantin, F. La Bibliothèque des héros de roman. Lectures, identifications, aliénations et réinvention de soi. Academic monograph. Projected completion 2019.
  • Falantin, F., & Hromadova, C. L’Amérique selon Françoise Sagan. Entre nouveau monde et monde nouveau (Temporary title). Academic monograph. Projected completion 2018. 

Articles & Book Chapters 

  • Falantin, F. “Généalogie du bovarysme. Retour sur le pouvoir de se concevoir autre,” ALKEMIE. Revue de philosophie et littérature, vol. 20. Paris, Classiques Garnier, December 2017: Forthcoming.
  • Dobrenn, A., & Falantin, F. “Désir et réalité dans Madame Bovary de Gustave Flaubert et Nini mulâtresse du Sénégal d’Abdoulaye Sadji,” Entre-Textes : Dialogues littéraires et culturels. Eds. Vera Klekovkina & Oana Panaïté. London: Routledge, July 2017: 218-237.
  • Falantin, F. “Du ‘poison’ au palfium 875. Françoise Sagan ou le roman sous influence,” The French Review 90.2, December 2016: 24-35. 
  • Falantin, F. “Gustave Flaubert et Abdoulaye Sadji. Dialectique d’une bêtise plaquée sur du vivant,” Reading Communities: A Dialogical Approach to French and Francophone Literature/Communautés de lecture: pour une approche dialogique des œuvres classiques et contemporaines. Ed. Oana Panaïté. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, August 2016: 103-24.
    èReviewed by: Michael Tilby, French Studies, vol. 71.3, July 2017: 444. 
  • Falantin, F. “De Raisel à Tourvel. Madame Riccoboni et les futures Liaisons dangereuses de Laclos,” Revue Italienne d’Études Françaises, vol. 5, December 2015: 1-13.

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