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Sébastien DubreiSébastien Dubreil

Associate Professor
Lower Division Language Coordinator of the French/Francophone Studies Program
Director, Language and World Business
601C McClung Tower

Mail Stop: 701 McClung Tower
Phone: 235-1602

A native of Nantes ("Naoned" in Breton) in western France, Sébastien Dubreil received his B.A. in Economics and M.A. in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Nantes. He taught Economics and French at a technical high school in France for two years. After working at Sewanee, the University of the South, for two years, Prof. Dubreil moved to Emory University in Atlanta where he received his doctorate in French and Second Language Acquisition. He taught at the University of Notre Dame for four years before returning to Tennessee in 2006.

  • Ph.D. Emory University, 2002
  • M.A. Université de Nantes, France, 1994

Major Fields

Applied Linguistics, sociolinguistics, Second Language Acquisition (SLA), Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL).

Research Interests

Professor Dubreil's research interests include the definition of culture in the foreign language classroom, its place in the curriculum, the use of multimedia technologies (video, the Internet) and telecollaboration in the teaching of culture, and the methods of assessment of culture learning. He has also published in the area of French and Francophone cinema and presented on the linguistic situation in his native region of Brittany.


  • Dubreil, S. & Allen, H. W. (2013). Alliages Culturels: La Société Française en Transformation. Boston: Cengage Publishing.

Selected Articles

  • Dubreil, S. (2012). "Identities, Borders, Change: (Trans)cultural Learning in Mediated Learning Communities." Invited article to The International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments 3(2), 176-200.
  • Dubreil, S. (2011). "Rebels with a Cause: (Re)defining Identities and Culture in Contemporary France Through Cinema." L2 Journal, 176-200. (Also available online at
  • Dubreil, S., Canfield, D., & Young, D. J. (2011). "The 'Plinko' Principle and Language Programs: Designing Non-Linear Hybrid Environments and Desiderata for Implementation." Technology and Second Language Conference Proceedings. Ames, IA: TESL/Applied Linguistics and Technology,
Iowa State University. (Also available online at:
  • Dubreil, S. (2009). "Regards noirs, caméras blanches: Le défi de la diversité dans le cadre d'une classe sur le cinéma africain." Le langage et l'homme, 44(2), 173-187.
  • Dubreil, S. (2009) "Virtual Learning Environments for a Real (Transcultural) Dialogue: Toward New Pedagogies in Culture Teaching." Cambridge University Press. (Also available online at
  • Dubreil, S. (2006). "Gaining Perspective on Culture Through CALL." In N. Arnold and L. Ducate (Eds.) Calling on CALL: From Theory and Research to New Directions in Foreign Language Teaching. CALICO Monograph Series Volume 5 (pp. 237-268). San Marcos, TX: CALICO.

Invited Lectures

  • Dubreil, S. (February 2014) "Teaching Culture from a Multiple Literacies Perspective." Lecture at the Vanderbilt University Center for Second Language Studies.

  • Dubreil, S. (March 2013) "Blend it like you mean it: Ways of transcultural e-learning." Lecture at the CUNY Institute for Language Education in Transcultural Context (ILETC).

  • Dubreil, S. "Identities, Borders, Change: (Trans)cultural Learning in Mediated Learning Communities." Keynote address at the 2011 NEALLT Annual Conference (April 2011).


  • Dubreil, S. "The Path of Most Resistance: The Imperative of Foreign Language Education in the Tension between Local Institutional Realities and Global Contexts." Paper presented at AAAL 2014. Portland, OR (March 2014) as part of a colloquium entitled "The Role of Foreign Language Education in the Context of Institutional Globalization."
  • Dubreil, S. "French on the Go: Mobile Learning in the Intermediate-Level L2 Classroom." Paper presented at the 47th annual meeting of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Orlando, FL. (November 2013)
  • Dubreil, S. "La découverte ou l'ignorance: Breton language schools and a new celtic identity." Paper accepted at the MLA 2013. Boston, MA (January 2013).
  • Dubreil, S. "Designing Blended Language Learning Environments: Challenges, Pitfalls, and Successes." Paper presented at CALICO 2012. South Bend, IN (June 2012).
  • Dubreil, S. "Identité, Frontières, Changement : Redéfinir l'espace d'apprentissage des langues-cultures avec la télécollaboration." Paper presented at the ACEDLE 2012 conference (Association des Chercheurs et Enseignants Didacticiens des Langues Étrangères). Nantes, France (June 2012)
  • Dubreil, S. "Telecollaboration as a plurilingual, multicultural learning environment." Paper presented at CCERBAL 2012 (Centre canadien d'études et de recherche en bilinguisme et aménagement linguistique). Ottawa, Canada (April 2012).
  • Dubreil, S. "Identity Transformation and Transcultural Hospitality in Transnational Language Learning Environments." Paper presented at the MLA 2012. Seattle, WA (January 2012).
  • Dubreil, S. "Cultivating Mediated Learning Communities: Lessons for the L2 Classroom." Paper presented at the MLA 2012. Seattle, WA (January 2012).

Courses Taught

  • MFLL 512 – Teaching a Foreign Language (graduate)
  • French 580 – Contemporary Issues in French Cultural Studies (graduate)
  • French 432 – French Culture (undergraduate)
  • French 422 – Grammar (undergraduate)
  • French 421 – Phonetics and Phonology (undergraduate)
  • French 334 – Intermediate Conversation (undergraduate)
  • Film Remakes and/in Hollywood

Teaching Interests

  • All levels of the language curriculum
  • Second Language Acquisition, pedagogy, and research methodology
  • Computer-Assisted Language Learning
  • French and Francophone (African and Caribbean) cultures and cinema
  • Conversation classes
  • Writing skills classes
  • French for Business
  • French Sociolinguistics
  • French Phonetics and Phonology
  • History of the French Language

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